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If you’re curious about the creator of this FREE database of writing prompts and story ideas…

… Thewritersrepository.com was launched in August 2022, during what hopefully was the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic, as one writer ponders the challenge/opportunity that is NaNoWriMo, the horde of plot bunnies hopping around in their brain, and the meaning of life.

Hi there! I’m Solia. The global catastrophe has not only altered the way we live our lives, the way we spend our time (and, heck, even the way we open the door in public places) and but also allowed some people (like me) more time on their hands than they know what to do with. That is how this website came to be.

Having been passionate about writing since I was a little, it has been during the pandemic that this love for words is further nurtured. And this repository serves as a cache for what I find interesting in my journey as a lover of words, things that I hope you will find valuable as you browse through it.

So, enjoy your stay, and I wish I could brew you some tea and serve you some cookies as you take a gander. Since I can’t, feel free to stretch out on that comfy-looking sofa in your living room, and hopefully, some words on these pages will spark an inspiration in you. And if you feel that this repository of prompts and plots has been useful for you, I’d be grateful if you’d consider buying me a ko-fi here. 



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