Not Your Usual Arranged Marriage Prompts (2024)

arranged marriage prompts

Looking for enticing arranged marriage prompts and story ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Arranged marriages have been a source of inspiration for countless stories, novels, and films. The intricate dynamics, cultural nuances, and emotional journeys within these unions provide fertile ground for compelling narratives.

Read on for prompts like a controversial reality TV bringing two strangers together, an arranged match made in a virtual reality heaven, and many more!

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Arranged Marriage Prompts & Story Ideas

Delve into the intricate dynamics, cultural nuances, and emotional journeys of arranged marriages with these prompts and story ideas.

Please note that the genders in these prompts and story ideas are just placeholders and do not mean to enforce any hurtful stereotypes nor offend anyone.


Here are some prompts and story ideas that showcase the diversity and complexity of human experiences in a royal setting.

  1. Not a Stranger After All

    An arranged marriage between two royals who have never seen each other before. On the day before the wedding, one of them decide to fool around with a stranger. On the wedding day, they find out that the one standing on the altar is none other than the very same stranger they had spent the previous night with.

  2. The Eloping Princess

    In a bid to escape an impending arranged marriage with a foreign prince, a princess decides to elope alongside her band of loyal bodyguards. A reverse harem story. (For more story ideas in this genre, head to my post Reverse Harem Story Ideas and Writing Prompts.)

  3. Serial Killer Princess

    Serial killer and gender-flipped One Thousand and One Arabian Nights: The heirs of two neighboring kingdoms are betrothed to marry one another for peace. The only problem? The princess has been in three different arranged marriages to three different men, and somehow, all of them turned up dead a day after the wedding ceremony. Will history repeat itself for the fourth time? (Originally appeared in post Dark Romance Story Ideas.)

  4. The Jarl’s Offer

    When an Anglo-Saxon noble’s entourage is raided by the Viking’s army, the Jarl promises safe passage for the noble’s family in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

  5. The Barbarian’s Daughter

    In the pursuit of peace, an arranged marriage is proposed between the son of the Duke and the daughter of the barbarian leader. However, the success of this union hinges on the consent of the fierce barbarian princess. (Originally appeared in my post Historical Romance Story Ideas)

  6. A Samurai’s Honor

    In feudal Japan, a samurai from a noble family is rescued by the leader of a rival clan, sparing him from a dire fate. Now, bound by gratitude, he agrees to enter an arranged marriage with the leader’s daughter to salvage her tarnished social reputation.

  7. A Revolutionary Move

    To save her family’s lives, a bankrupt aristocratic woman enters an arranged marriage with a wealthy commoner involved in the French Revolutionary movement. Amidst heavy political unrest, they’re torn between loyalty to their families and their growing affection for each other.

  8. The Assimilation

    For assimilation purposes, it is decreed that every royal of marrying age must marry a commoner. And if by a certain age a royal hasn’t selected a partner, then the royal advisors will choose one for them.

  9. The Royal Decree

    To prevent disputes over inheritance and succession, the royal decree dictates that upon the death of a royal, their family and possessions are consolidated under the care of one of their siblings, including the widow.

  10. Elemental Union

    In a world where individuals possess elemental powers, an ancient prophecy foretells the union of two powerful individuals from rival elemental kingdoms through an arranged marriage.

arranged marriage prompts

Modern day

Here are some prompts and story ideas that reimagine this age-old tradition in unique and modern ways.

  1. The Mafia’s Proposal

    In a power struggle between two aging crime bosses over their territories, the first crime boss proposes that the second crime boss’ daughter must become his wife to settle the dispute. How is the daughter going to get out of this arrangement?

  2. A Scientific Engagement

    Two scientists from prominent families are matched in an arranged marriage to combine their intellectual prowess and advance the field of scientific discovery.

  3. The Political Ally

    The children of two prominent political figures are slated to be married in order to strengthen their combined political influence in the country.

  4. The Allure of Green Card

    Person A offers person B a sum of money if person B would marry person C (person A’s sibling) so that person C can obtain an American citizenship through the marriage.

  5. While in Vegas…

    While being drunk together outside of a Las Vegas chapel, two strangers decide on a whim that they should get married. (Well, it’s more of an accidental marriage than an arranged marriage, but I think it counts!)

  6. The Promise

    A kind nurse, in passing, promises a terminally ill woman that she will marry the patient’s estranged son if only the woman and her son reconcile before the patient’s imminent death. To the nurse’s surprise, they really reconcile and now the woman demands to witness their wedding before she passes away.

  7. The Catfish

    Tired of their father’s incessant mourning over his late wife, his children assume his identity and wooed a woman online. And now the woman is at their doorstep because she accepted his online proposal.

  8. The Brother’s Wish

    Among a dying man’s wishes was for his widow to marry his brother.

  9. The AI Matchmaker

    AI has advanced so much that more and more people are relying on a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm based on compatibility scores and data analysis to arrange their marriage. Two individuals, skeptical of the algorithm’s accuracy, decide to try the system. What will they find?

  10. Lights, Camera, Get Married!

    In the world of fame and fortune, a famous actor and a rising starlet are forced into an arranged marriage by their ambitious managers to boost their public image and advance their careers.

  11. The Secret Alliance

    In a clandestine organization that controls major corporations and influences global politics, arranged marriages are used to strengthen alliances and maintain power.

  12. The Reality TV Marriage

    A controversial reality TV revolves around two strangers entering an arranged marriage agreement in a carefully curated environment with cameras capturing their every move. As they navigate the pressure of public scrutiny, they must decide if their connection is genuine or merely a product of the show.

  13. The Marriage Therapy

    Through a series of serendipitous twists and turns, two strangers agree to an arranged marriage, which is proposed by their mutual therapist as a means of personal growth and healing.

arranged marriage prompts


Discover a world of captivating prompts and story ideas across a range of captivating settings, where tradition meets the extraordinary.

  1. My Android Fiance

    In a futuristic society, a character is given ultimatum by their estranged parents to either get married or be excluded from the family’s inheritance. To spite them, the character then builds an android to pose as their betrothed.

  2. My Villain Wife

    A superhero/villain story. The villain agrees not to destroy the city, but they have a demand: the hero’s hand in marriage.

  3. A Virtual Connection

    In a futuristic world, marriages are facilitated through advanced virtual reality technology. Two individuals, each from different corners of the world, are matched and connected through a virtual simulation. As they explore their virtual relationship, they must navigate the blurred lines between reality and virtuality, questioning whether true love can be found in a digitally constructed world.

  4. The Utopian Perfection

    In a society driven by scientific advancements, arranged marriages are determined based on genetic compatibility to create the “perfect” offspring. However, when a young woman discovers that she possesses an extraordinary genetic anomaly, her arranged marriage takes an unexpected turn.

  5. In the Name of Love

    In a dystopian society where arranged marriages are pre-determined by the government for the utmost control, a rebellious young woman enters into a marriage contract with a stranger to protect her true love from being paired with someone else.

  6. Time-Transcending Marriage

    Two individuals from different time periods are brought together through an arranged marriage arranged by a time-traveling council in order to reconcile a discrepancy in the space time continuum.

  7. The Sacrificial Lamb

    A desperate father promises his daughter as the bride of the devil in exchange for a granted wish.

  8. The Mail Order Bride

    A wild west story: A man on the frontier has been ordering a mail-order bride and corresponding with her prior to her arrival. But she hides a secret. Does she hire someone else to write the letters for her because she’s illiterate? Is she the daughter of his sworn enemy who plans his demise? (Originally appeared on my post Historical Romance Story Ideas.)

  9. The Alien’s Bride

    In a futuristic society where interplanetary alliances are formed through arranged marriages, a young woman is matched with an alien prince from a distant galaxy.

  10. ‘Til Death Do Us Part

    In a post-apocalyptic world where traditional societal structures have collapsed, a resourceful woman turns to a mail-order bride agency to secure a better future for herself and her younger siblings.

arranged marriage prompts

The Arranged Marriage Trope

Now that we’ve seen some out-of-the-box arranged marriage story ideas, let’s delve deeper into the trope.

The arranged marriage trope is a common narrative device used in storytelling where two individuals are brought together in a marital union based on the decision of their families or a higher authority, rather than personal choice or romantic love.

In this trope, the couple often starts their relationship with limited knowledge or familiarity with each other, and the story focuses on their journey as they navigate the complexities of their arranged marriage.

The arranged marriage trope allows for exploration of various themes such as tradition, cultural expectations, societal pressures, and personal growth. It offers opportunities to delve into the dynamics between the two individuals as they strive to understand and connect with each other, often leading to the development of genuine affection and love over time.

Arranged marriage trope vs. soulmate trope

The arranged marriage trope and soulmate trope are two popular storytelling devices that share common themes of love, growth, and the power of human connection. Both tropes involve a belief in fate or destiny playing a role in bringing two people together.

Arranged marriage stories explore the gradual development of love and emotional intimacy between characters who may start with little or no romantic feelings. On the other hand, soulmate stories depict an intense and profound emotional bond between characters who are believed to be destined for each other. Despite their differences, both tropes deal closely with the subject of fate or destiny and delve into the transformative power of love.

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