The Most Enticing Forbidden Love Story Ideas (2024)

the best forbidden love story ideas

Looking for enticing and creative forbidden love story ideas and writing prompts? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for story ideas like a convict finding refuge in a monastery only to fall in love with one of the priests/nuns, or a doctor’s dangerous obsession for one of his patients!

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Forbidden Love Story Ideas and Writing Prompts

So what are some of the best forbidden story ideas? Here are a few to get you started!

Please note that the genders in these prompts and story ideas are just placeholders. It is not the intention to enforce any hurtful stereotypes or offend anyone.

Story ideas

Let’s explore story ideas that challenge societal expectations, unveil hidden desires, and traverse the boundaries of social conventions, cultures, and even realms.

  1. Concealed Passion

    Two governesses employed by a wealthy family in 1800s England meet and fall in love, but they must conceal their forbidden relationship from their employer and society at large. (Originally appeared in my post Tragic Love Story Ideas.)

    forbidden love story ideas

  2. An Affair in Space:

    This story delves into the theme of infidelity among the crew members of a spaceship, who are forced to be away from their loved ones for years on a space mission.

  3. Twisted Obsession:

    A detective’s obsession with a key witness drives him to fabricate and mastermind serious threats against her, all to create a reason to whisk her away to presumed safety.

  4. Compromised:

    In exchange for precious bits of intel, a female detective who’s investigating a case reluctantly agrees to give an informant various sexual favors. (Originally appeared in my post Detective Noir Writing Prompts and Story Ideas.)

  5. Unhealthy Fixation:

    A doctor becomes dangerously obsessed with one of his patients, and as he delves deeper into her case, he begins to blur the lines between professional curiosity and personal desire.

  6. Sweet Revenge:

    As a revenge for ruining his business, a man orchestrates his brother’s bankruptcy before swooping in to manipulate his wife and bedding her. (This idea originally appeared in my post Dark Romance Story Ideas.)

  7. Captive Consequences:

    A gang leader kidnaps a politician whose oncoming political agenda might threaten the future of his business. But an unlikely attraction develops and complicates the entire thing.

  8. The Suspect from the Past:

    When an established psychiatrist is tasked to gain intel from the newest police suspect, she never expects that he’s someone from her past. A highly unethical liaison soon develops. (Originally appeare in my post Intriguing Mafia Romance Story Ideas.)

  9. Love Thy Neighbor:

    A convict flee to a monastery for refuge and a forbidden love blossoms between them and one of the nuns/priests there.

  10. The Demon’s Therapist:

    A demon has taken a liking to a human therapist and poses as a client in order to get closer to her. As their unlikely relationship unfolds, the therapist must confront the reality of her newest client’s demonic nature. (Originally appeared in my post The Best Demon Story Ideas.)

    forbidden love story ideas

  11. A Winning Love

    An immortal deity falls in love with a mortal chosen by a rival god to be their champion.

Picture prompts

Here are some forbidden love picture writing prompts, because a picture speaks a thousand words! What kind of forbidden love prompt or story jumps out at you when looking at the picture prompts below?

  1. Consider:

    In a world where advanced AI algorithms determine individuals’ ideal partners, a human user discovers a glitch in the system that matches them with an AI entity instead.

    (Please click on the image for more information about it.)

  2. Consider:

    A soul reaper falls in love with a radiant soul on the brink of passing to the afterlife.

    (Please click on the image for more information about it.)

There’s Something about Forbidden Love…

As humans, we are naturally drawn to forbidden stories. There is something alluring about the taboo, the things we’re told not to do or talk about. From forbidden romances to hidden secrets, forbidden stories have captivated readers and writers alike for centuries.

But what makes something forbidden?

These topics vary depending on the culture, time period, and personal beliefs of the reader or writer. But typically, forbidden love stories deal with topics that are considered socially unacceptable or taboo like sexuality, religion, politics, and violence.

Despite the potential for controversy, we’re drawn to these topics because they offer a unique opportunity to explore the human experience, challenge our beliefs and push us outside of our comfort zones.

Famous stories featuring forbidden love

There are many famous stories throughout history that feature forbidden love as a central theme. Here are a few examples:

1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare – Perhaps the most famous story of forbidden love. Two young lovers from feuding families are forced to keep their love a secret.

2. Tristan and Isolde – This medieval tale follows the tragic love story of Tristan, a knight, and Isolde, the wife of his uncle, who fall in love after drinking a love potion.

3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – This classic novel features two passionate people who are unable to be together due to their different social statuses.

4. Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx – This short story (later adapted into a movie) tells the story of two cowboys, Ennis and Jack, who fall in love during a summer.

5. The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje – This novel tells the story of a nurse named Hana who cares for and falls in love with a mysterious figure with a dark past.


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