Spellbinding Witch Story Ideas (Updated in 2024)

witch story ideas

Looking for witch writing prompts or story ideas for your next writing project?

Read on for prompts like a woman identifying a dead body as herself. Three witches standing against rapid gentrification in their area and one of them ends up falling for one of the real estate development executive. And many more!

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Witch Story Ideas

Witches have long fascinated us because they represent a compelling blend of the mystical, the forbidden, and the powerful. Here are some ideas that will tap into your innate desire for enchantment and the unknown!

(Please note that the genders in these writing prompts are just placeholders, and the term “witch” may refer to a female or male practitioner of magic or witchcraft.)


These lighthearted writing prompts and story ideas can serve as story starters for middle schoolers, students, or your kids at home. Or they can serve as a side plot in any fantasy, modern, or even sit-com setting due to the levity of the theme!

  1. Witch Audition

    An aging witch is auditioning a handful of young witches to eventually take up their mantle when she passes away.

  2. Born Among Witches

    Born into a family of powerful witches, a non-magical child faces relentless bullying and must find their own inner strength to navigate a world of spells and enchantments, discovering that true power lies not in magic, but in embracing their unique identity.

  3. Thread of Enchantment

    A seamstress, who is secretly a witch, finds themselves stripped of their magical powers when an enigmatic mechanic moves next door, igniting a suspicion that there’s a hidden correlation between their neighbor’s arrival and their own loss of power.

  4. The Perfect Familiar

    A young and spirited witch embarks on a journey to find the perfect familiar (magical companion) to complement their magical ability.

  5. The Spell

    When the mischievous teenage grandchildren of a powerful witch matriarch brew a risky spell to transform their grandmother into a teenager, she soon discover that navigating the world of adolescence is no easy task.

    As hilarity ensues and life lessons are learned, the family must find a way to reverse the spell before it becomes permanent, all while forging a deeper bond across generations and embracing the timeless magic of love and understanding.

  6. Witches’ Forum

    A fluffy story about witches in the modern era, how they shop for herbs online, share spells through online forums, Google the correct witchcraft practices, and advertise their services on social media.

  7. Coven of Misfits

    A group of misfit witches with unique and unconventional powers form their own coven. (Also appeared in my post Crafting Captivating Tales: Magic School Story Ideas (2023))

    witch story ideas

  8. Hex and Seek

    In a bustling city filled with magic and mystery, a young witch works as a private investigator specializing in supernatural cases.

  9. Singing in the Rain

    When a witch is happy, she’s able to control an entire forest with her singing voice.

  10. The Magical Guide

    A witch cursed with the inability to cast spells finds an unlikely companion in a talking animal guide who helps her uncover her true magical potential. Together, they embark on a quest to break the curse and restore her powers.


We love to see enigmatic women finding romance despite (or perhaps due to!) their magical aptitudes. Here are some ideas:

  1. Forced Proximity

    Bound by a spell gone wrong, two witches must be in close proximity to each other or suffer an abominable consequence.

  2. Hexes and High Rises

    In a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, three witches clash with a real estate mogul. But when the mogul falls for one of the witch, love blooms amidst a battle of magic and preservation.

    (This prompt is credited to my favorite drag queen @thejinkx on Instagram! This is the post that inspires this prompt.)

  3. Lost Pet Connection

    In a serendipitous encounter, two neighbors come together over a lost pet. But when one of them discovers that the other is a witch specializing in love potions, they begin to wonder whether the connection between them is genuine.

    (This is a cross post from Romance Story Ideas with a Twist.)

  4. The Lost Bet

    Bound by a lost bet, a young witch finds herself apprenticing under an eccentric and reclusive sorcerer. As they uncover a forgotten prophecy, their shared destiny brings them closer, forging an enchanting bond that transcends magic.

  5. Come to Life

    A struggling writer who’s skeptical about love encounters a captivating witch with the ability to bring stories to life.

    witch story ideas
  6. Break Free

    In a society where witches are experimented upon for their powers, a young scientist finds themselves drawn to a captivating witch.

  7. The Cost of Love

    A witch cursed with eternal youth and an ordinary mortal discover a love so powerful that the witch casts a spell to ensure their partner keeps reincarnating throughout time. Various consequences ensue.

  8. Emotionless

    A witch cursed with the inability to feel emotions ventures into the forbidden realms of magic to break the curse. But along the way, an unexpected connection forms with a humble farmer, who might just be the key that would break her curse.

Dark and Twisted

When it comes to witch stories, dark and twisted narratives are always going to be in the wheelbarrow. Here are some ideas.

  1. Haunted House

    A cursed witch, bound to a haunted house, must unravel the mysteries of her own past and confront the malevolent spirits that dwell within, all while protecting an unsuspecting family who moves in.

  2. Cursed Family Ties

    In the depths of the enchanted forest, a vengeful witch captures the descendants of those who once persecuted her ancestors, using dark magic to use their mortal bodies as the hosts for the restless spirits of her long-deceased kin.

  3. Sorcery Showdown

    In a quiet town steeped in magic, two formidable witches vie for dominion. As the town becomes a battleground of spells and enchantments, its inhabitants’ fate hangs in the balance.

  4. The Lineage

    A woman is asked to identify a dead body, only to find that it’s herself. The incident leads her down the rabbit hole, uncovering the long-hidden family secret of a powerful witch lineage.

  5. The Illusion of Harmony

    A utopian story where a powerful witch takes away the free will of every sentient creature in the realm in order to create a utopian society where all beings coexist peacefully.

    From my post Not Your Usual Utopian Story Ideas (2023)

  6. Undying Love

    A witch who specializes in necromancy defies all boundaries when they unexpectedly falls in love with one of the souls they have brought back from the grave. Can love truly conquer death?

    Originally appeared in my post Paranormal Romance Story Ideas (2023)

  7. The Call

    A museum curator’s dormant magical power is awakened when the museum acquires an antique artifact belonging to their ancestor.

  8. Vengeful Past

    A talented witch, haunted by the ghosts of her past, becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a vengeful spirit seeking revenge for an ancient betrayal.

Picture Prompts

A picture speaks a thousand words. What kind of story comes to mind using these pictures as inspiration? Below are some ideas.

(Please click on the image for more information.)

1. A witch stalks a hunter back to his home after the latter unknowingly steals her familiar.

2. A witch believes that she’s the last of her kind, until someone comes along and reads her family’s grimoire without difficulty.

(Please click on the image for more information.)

1. A priest’s daughter finds out that her grandmother, who lives on the outskirt of the town on the edge of the forest, is actually a practicing witch.

2. A lawyer attempts to clear up the names of their witch ancestors who were accused of a gruesome crime more than a hundred years ago.

Witch Story Ideas Must-Haves

The word witch colloquially refers to especially women practitioners of witchcraft or magic, although it doesn’t exclude men. The word witch itself originates from the Old English nouns wiċċa [ˈwit.t͡ʃɑ] (‘male witch, warlock‘) and wiċċe [ˈwit.t͡ʃe] (‘female witch’).

A witch story usually centers around such practitioners of witchcraft or magic as the antagonist(s) or protagonist(s), with elements of fantasy interwoven throughout the narrative. Hocus Pocus and The Wizard of Oz are great examples of stories in this genre.

There is a mystical allure to these stories, where spellcasters and enchantresses harness ancient powers, delicately treading a line between good and evil. The rich tapestry of witchcraft offers a captivating backdrop for exploration, delving into themes of power, destiny, and the supernatural.

Whether it’s a young witch discovering her abilities, a coven facing otherworldly threats, or a solitary sorceress seeking redemption, the genre weaves a spell of intrigue and mysticism that keeps us spellbound from the first page to the last.

Witch stories fascinates us because of the complex and mysterious characters. When portrayed as the marginalized group, readers enjoy reading these witches triumphing over their oppressors, but when they’re portrayed as evil characters, we enjoy reading them reaping the consequences.


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