Witch Story Ideas

Witch Story Ideas

Looking for witch story ideas for your next writing project? You’ve come to the right place!

Two feuding witches who set the town on fire. A slighted museum curator who finds out about their witch ancestry when the museum acquires an antique artifact belonging to their ancestor.

Those are just two of the many awesome witch writing prompts I’ve listed below. If you like what you read, please consider buying me a ko-fi here!

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What Classifies as a Witch Story?

A witch story usually centers around the practitioners of witchcraft or magic as the antagonist(s) or protagonist(s), with elements of fantasy interwoven throughout the narrative. Hocus Pocus and the Wizard of Oz are great examples of stories in this genre.

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Manuscript Critique

The word witch colloquially refers to especially women practitioners of witchcraft or magic, although it doesn’t exclude men. The word witch itself originates from the Old English nouns wiċċa [ˈwit.t͡ʃɑ] (‘male witch, warlock‘) and wiċċe [ˈwit.t͡ʃe] (‘female witch’).

People also typically refer to a male witch as wizard or warlock (the latter may have an unpleasant connotation). Hence, the term witch in the story ideas below will refer to both male and female witches.

Why Do Witch Stories Fascinate Us?

Witch stories fascinates us because they’re often portrayed as complex and mysterious characters, claims this Guardian article. When witches are portrayed as the marginalized group, readers enjoy seeing them triumphing over their oppressors. And when they’re portrayed as evil characters, we enjoy reading them reaping the consequences of their bad deeds.

A captivating witch story revolves around enigmatic characters with magical aptitudes interacting within a fantastical setting. Elements of magic that is a world away from our mundane daily lives is a crucial aspect in these stories.

Witch Story Ideas

Without further ado, here are some witch story ideas and witch short story ideas!

(Please note that the genders in these writing prompts are just placeholders, and the term “witch” may refer to a female or male practitioner of magic or witchcraft.)

Lighthearted Witch Story Ideas

These lighthearted witch story ideas can shine on their own, or serve as a side plot in any fantasy, modern, or even sit-com setting due to the levity of the theme!

  • A regular child without any magical/witchcraft aptitude was born to a family of witches and must endure bullying when they grow up. What is the reason he/she was born that way?


  • A baker/seamstress/actress/mechanic is a witch who uses his/her magic to excel at what she does. What happens when one day, they lose their power?


  • An aging witch is auditioning a handful of young witches to eventually take up her mantle when she passes away.


  • The story of a young witch auditioning his/her familiar.


  • The teenage grandchildren of a fussy, old witch matriarch concoct a spell to turn the old witch into a teenager, in order to get the crabby grandma to appreciate the complexities of their teen lives.


  • A fluffy story about witches in the modern era, how they shop for herbs online, share spells through online forums, Google the correct witchcraft practices, and advertise their services on social media.


Romantic Witch Story Ideas

We love to see enigmatic women finding romance despite (or perhaps due to!) their magical aptitudes, and hence, any of these romantic witch story ideas will surely add a dash of magical, intense spark to your story!

  • Bound by a spell gone wrong, two witches must be in close proximity to each other or suffer an abominable consequence.


  • Three witches are in possession of the last piece of land in an area undergoing rapid gentrification, and then one of the young executives in the developer company falls for one of the witches. (This prompt is credited to my favorite drag queen @thejinkx on Instagram! This is the post that inspires this prompt.)

  • After posting a lost pet notice at his apartment building, a neighbor approaches the owner and gives the critter back. When the man learns that the neighbor is a practicing witch who specializes in love potions, he begins to wonder how much of their chemistry is genuine. (This is a cross post from Romance Story Ideas with a Twist.)


  • Two children, each from the opposite faction of a witch war, were accidentally swapped at birth. Now grown up, their loyalties are tested and their beliefs shaken. Who swapped them and where will each of their loyalties lie?


  • An immortal witch leaves hints for their reincarnating partner to find them.


Dark and Twisted Witch Story Ideas

When it comes to witch stories, dark and twisted witch story prompts are always going to be in the wheelbarrow.

  • The witch who lives deep in the forest doesn’t kidnap and eat children. Instead, she kidnaps adults and turns them into living hosts for her dead relatives.


  • Two witches duel for control over a town.


  • A woman is asked to identify a dead body, only to find that it’s herself. Then, the incident leads her down the rabbit hole uncovering a dark secret that she comes from the lineage of a sinister witch family.


  • A hiker finds a witch’s lair during a hike. When he/she returns home, strange happenings start to follow them wherever they go. Are they possessed by the witch, or are they cursed for sacrilege?


  • Due to envy, a famed actor/painter/artist seeks the help of a witch to ruin a newcomer’s career. But what happens when it turns out that the newcomer is, in fact, also a witch?


  • A household has a high turnover rate of maids working for the lady of the house. As it turns out, she’s a witch who drains her maids of their youth and, in effect, killing them.


  • A slighted museum curator finds out that he/she is a witch when the museum acquires an antique artifact belonging to their ancestor.



There they are, some witchy story ideas that hopefully will spark your inspiration! Looking for more inspiration? Check these books out:

The first is Witches, The Complete Collection,(click on the image for more information), a collection of haunting stories set on Earth and in outer space about witches and dark magic. Winner of the Excellence Prize at the 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival, Witches has 82% 5-star reviews, written and illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi, the critically acclaimed author of Children of the Sea.

The second is A Writers Guide to the Fairies, Witches, & Vampires From Fairy Tales and Lore (Writer’s Guide to Myth and Lore). It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited with 84% of its reviews earning 5 stars. (Click on the image for more information.)

The third one is Writing to be Understood, a Gold Medal Winner of 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards. FREE with your Audible trial! (Click on the image for more information.)

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