Character Interaction Prompts to Enhance Storytelling (2023)

character interaction prompts

Looking for character interaction prompts that deepen connections and enhance storytelling? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for ideas like two friends opening a time capsule, buying lottery tickets together, and many more!

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Character Interaction Prompts

Creating compelling and engaging character interactions is a cornerstone of storytelling. To help you craft rich and meaningful interactions between your characters, here are some prompts designed to deepen their connections and explore their relationships.

Please note that the genders in these prompts and story ideas are just placeholders and do not mean to enforce any hurtful stereotypes nor offend anyone.


In this collection of prompts, we explore the dynamic and diverse ways in which characters connect and grow through friendship, camaraderie, and shared experiences.

  1. Doing puzzles, sudoku, board games, wordplay games or brain teasers together and getting playfully competitive towards one another.

  2. Backpacking, running, mountaineering, skiing, geocaching, rock climbing, snow-shoeing, hiking, canoeing, or playing tennis, mini golf, basketball, etc, and helping the other when they get hurt during the activity.

  3. Going to the grocery store together, or baking/cooking together, or taking road trips together.

  4. Teaching another character how to drive, how to swim, how to ride a bike, how to code, how to brew beers, how to garden, how to speak/write another language, etc.

  5. Trouble-shooting another character’s computer problem, fixing their leaking sink, etc.

  6. Getting lost together during a trip.

  7. Going into a restaurant when it’s about to close, and sharing the last burger that’s available for ordering.

  8. Going to a concert together and ending up meeting the band/singer in person. Or going to a concert and ending up having the worst experience together.

  9. Volunteering together.

  10. Doing daring activities together for the first time, like skydiving, or bungee-jumping together only to end up vomiting together. Hey, sometimes meaningful interactions mean going through bad experiences together 🙂

  11. Sharing quiet moments together, like napping together. Alternatively, stargazing together, only to end up being chased by bees. Or going to the library together, only to end up messing up a big stack of books loudly and being stared at by the entire library patrons.

  12. Going to the circus or magic show and being asked to participate in a number. (Originally appeared in my post How Characters Meet: Non-Cheesy Meet-Cute Ideas.)

  13. Accompanying another character to a dentist appointment. Or accompanying another character pet sitting or house sitting and inadvertently causing a chaos.

  14. Buying lottery tickets together just for fun.

  15. Renting a new apartment together. Getting a pet together as roommates. Doing all sorts of silly thing with said pets.

  16. Going to a carnival together and having their palms read by a tarot reader. Or going to theme parks and doing pranks to the theme park workers. Alternatively, going to country fairs only to win the fattest prize pig and feel perplexed about the logistics of transporting it back home.

  17. Writing a book together. Or being another character’s art model. Or taking a picture for another character.

  18. Opening a time capsule they buried together as children. (Originally appeared in my post Beyond the Mundane: Captivating Slice of Life Story Ideas (2023)).

    character interaction prompts

  19. Using rock-paper-scissors to decide something.


Explore a treasury of romantic interaction prompts that will ignite the flames of passion, deepen relationships, and leave readers swooning!

  1. Hand-feeding another character while they’re sick.

  2. Sharing an umbrella when it’s raining.

  3. Delivering food to another character’s doorstep when they’re infected by a highly infectious virus.

  4. Doing various activities together (see previous section for inspiration!)

  5. Embarking on a spontaneous weekend gateway together.

  6. Writing love letters for each other and leaving them in places where the other would find them.

  7. Surprising another character with their favorite food/gift/activities when they’re feeling blue. Or surprising another character with their childhood memorabilia.

  8. Witnessing Aurora Borealis together.

  9. Sharing a hobby together, like dancing, cooking, gardening, etc.

  10. Taking a midnight stroll together, exploring quiet streets, moonlit parks, or deserted beaches.

    character interaction prompts

  11. Planning or surprising another character with a romantic picnic or candlelit dinner.


Explore a collection of prompts that delve into the captivating realm of antagonistic dynamic, where contrasting beliefs, goals, and values, create tension and drive the narrative forward.

  1. Doing puzzles, sudoku, board games, wordplay games or brain teasers together only to get seriously competitive towards one another.

  2. Going to the grocery store together, and debating about the nutritional merits of specific grocery items.

  3. Baking/cooking together, and having different opinions on whether to use margarine or butter.

  4. Taking road trips together, and arguing about which attractions to see.

  5. Teaching another character a new skill only to end up getting frustrated towards the new learner.

    character interaction prompts

  6. Two coworkers constantly interrupting each other during team meetings, creating tension and hindering productivity.

  7. Or, two coworkers engaging in subtle competition, constantly trying to one-up each other and diminish each other’s achievements.

  8. Two neighbors having a dispute over noise levels, with one accusing the other of being inconsiderate and disruptive.

  9. Two siblings (or, two roommates) arguing about the division of household chores, with accusations of laziness and unfairness thrown around.

  10. A customer at a coffee shop becoming increasingly frustrated with the barista’s slower-than-usual service, leading to condescending remarks and impatience.

  11. At a family gathering, a relative repeatedly making passive-aggressive comments about another family member’s life choices, causing discomfort and tension.

  12. Two strangers fighting for the last empty table at a busy restaurant, or the last parking spot.

  13. Two shoppers reaching for the last item on a sale rack simultaneously, triggering a brief but intense conflict over who should get it.

The Power of Character Interactions

Now, let’s dive into why character interactions are so important.

Character interactions lie at the heart of compelling storytelling, weaving intricate webs of emotion, conflict, and growth. Whether it’s a fleeting encounter or a deep connection, the way characters engage with one another shapes the story and captivates readers.

Treat these prompts as a gateway to immersive storytelling and dynamic narratives that provides the necessary spark to ignite meaningful exchanges, conflicts, and connections between characters, breathing life into their journeys.


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