Adventurous Location and Ideas for DnD or Otherwise (2024)

D&D location ideas

Here are some adventurous location, ideas and settings to spark your imagination in your fantasy role-playing game. While some areas are described in more detail than others, remember that the possibilities for exploration are limitless.

Here, we’ve gathered a variety of location ideas that will enrich any campaign, from a valley where time is fluid, to a society of avian humanoids, and many more!

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D&D Location Ideas

One of the keys to crafting a captivating campaign and narrative lies in the locations your characters explore. Here are a variety of location ideas to help you design unforgettable adventures

Natural Biomes and Environments

  1. Arid Deserts: Journey through vast stretches of sand dunes, where the relentless sun beats down, and oases are a precious lifeline. Deserts can hold ancient pyramids, nomadic tribes, and buried secrets waiting to be uncovered.

  2. Towering Mountains: Climb to the highest peaks and descend into treacherous valleys in the realm of towering mountains. Here, isolated monasteries, dragon lairs, and mystical gateways may await brave adventurers.

  3. Underwater Realms: Plunge into the depths of the ocean or mystical underwater realms teeming with marine life and sunken treasures. Explore coral cities, hunt for sunken shipwrecks, and encounter aquatic beings.

  4. Lush Forests: Explore ancient woods filled with towering trees, magical creatures, and hidden groves. The forest can be a realm of enchantment and mystery, with elves and fey creatures living in harmony with nature.

  5. Enigmatic Swamps: Navigate through murky waters and tangled vines in the eerie swamps, home to strange creatures and ancient curses. Hidden deep within are ancient temples, treacherous bogs, and magical anomalies.

  6. Expansive Grasslands: Travel across endless plains where nomadic tribes roam, and the sky seems to stretch forever. Grasslands can be home to stampeding herds, nomadic cities, and forgotten burial mounds.

  7. Deep Caverns: Descend into the subterranean world of deep caverns, where darkness, danger, and hidden civilizations await. Beneath the surface, you might find underground cities, vast cave networks, and luminous fungi.

  8. Frozen Tundras: Brave the harsh cold of the frozen tundras, where blizzards and polar creatures are ever-present threats. In these icy wastelands, you might uncover ancient tombs, lost expeditions, and creatures adapted to the cold.

  9. Volcanic Wastelands: Conquer the fiery landscapes of volcanic wastelands, where lava flows and eruptions are a constant danger. Hidden within are obsidian fortresses, fire giants, and the heart of the world’s fire.

  10. Hidden Jungles: Venture into uncharted jungles, where lush foliage conceals ancient ruins, exotic creatures, and unexplored territories.

  11. Barren Badlands: Traverse barren and desolate badlands, where harsh landscapes, rock formations, and nomadic outcasts can be found in this unforgiving territory.

Fantastical Environments

Next group is man-made environments, both realistic and fantastical.

  1. Ethereal Isles: A cluster of islands suspended in the Ethereal Plane, reachable only by those with the ability to shift between dimensions. Here, the laws of reality are ever-changing, and spirits and ethereal beings hold sway.

  2. The Elemental Convergence: A place where the Elemental Planes intersect, creating a dynamic and chaotic realm where fire, water, earth, and air coalesce. Adventurers must navigate constantly shifting terrain and harness the elemental forces to survive.

  3. The Whispering Caverns: A complex network of winding underground tunnels and chambers. Its walls bear the whispers of ancient secrets, and the eerie luminescent moss that thrives within provides a ghostly, otherworldly glow.

  4. The Veiled Grove: A hidden grove concealed from the mortal realm by ancient magic. Here, trees sing in melodious harmony, flowers glow with soft radiance, and mischievous sprites dance among the blossoms. But, beware, for the grove’s beauty conceals treacherous secrets.

  5. Undersea World: Dive into an enchanted underwater world, meeting merfolk, sea creatures, and even the wise old sea turtle. Wedge players in between two rival underwater factions and let them choose their alliances and strategize.

  6. The Shifting Abyss: A plane of constant turmoil and danger. Navigating its ever-changing landscape is a perilous task, and the risks range from being lost for eternity to encountering terrifying abyssal beings.

  7. The Fabled Fountain: A mystical fountain said to grant those who drink from it a glimpse into their future. It holds the key to unraveling a prophecy that could change the course of the world.

  8. The Eternal Forest: A realm where time stands still, and the cycle of life and death is suspended. A profound sense of tranquility pervades this timeless sanctuary.

  9. The Shadowed Abyss of Malevolence: A dark abyss where malevolent forces plot and scheme. It is a place of wicked rituals and sinister alliances.

  10. The Time-Warped Valley: A valley where the fabric of time itself is unstable. It’s rumored that portals to different eras exist here, offering adventurers the opportunity to alter the course of history.

  11. The Cursed Woods: This is where malevolent enchantments warp the very fabric of reality. Confront vengeful spirits, twisted creatures, and the forest’s curse as you seek to lift its blight.

  12. The Rift Between Worlds: Explore the enigmatic Rift Between Worlds, a tear in the fabric of reality. Journey through parallel dimensions, face alternate versions of yourself, and decide whether to mend or exploit the rift.

Constructed Structures

From a hermit’s hut to ancient titan’s bridge, here are some constructed structures (as opposed to natural environments):

  1. The Hermit’s Hut: A quaint hermit’s hut hidden deep within a vast forest is a small but cozy abode offering respite for weary travelers. But unbeknownst to them, a hidden portal is tucked away in a secluded corner of the building, ready to entice willing adventurers.

  2. The Living Library: This ancient sentient library teems with endless corridors of books containing knowledge from across the multiverse. The library’s caretaker, a sentient tome, guides seekers of knowledge to hidden chambers, but one must take care not to become lost in the labyrinthine stacks.

  3. The Observatory: Atop a celestial mountain is an astronomical observatory where astronomers and stargazers study the cosmos. Here, mystical telescopes reveal glimpses of other worlds, while portals to distant planes beckon adventurers to explore the mysteries of the stars.

  4. The Mirror Maze: In this realm of illusions and reflections, where reality is ever-changing, adventurers confront their deepest fears and desires, battling doppelgangers and navigating treacherous puzzles to discover the truth hidden behind the mirrors.

  5. The Villain’s Hideout: Infiltrate and nagivate the clandestine hideout of the story’s villain, full of a network of spies, thieves, and assassins. Uncover their dark secrets, carry out covert missions, and decide where your allegiance lies.

  6. The Temple: A deity’s temple dedicated to all that is just and pure, serving as a beacon of hope and is a bastion against malevolent forces.

  7. Titan’s Bridge: A colossal, ancient bridge that spans a seemingly endless chasm. Its construction is a mystery, and it is said to be a relic from a time when titans walked the earth.

  8. The Knight’s Stronghold: It is a bastion of honor and chivalry. Align with the valiant knights, engage in epic tournaments, and join quests to protect the realm from monstrous threats.

  9. The Prison of the Eternal Warden: A massive, otherworldly prison designed to hold beings of immense power. The structure is a labyrinth of shifting corridors, magical wards, and perplexing puzzles, making escape nearly impossible.

  10. The Skyport of Aeronexus: A bustling floating city tethered to elemental airships. It serves as a major hub for trade, diplomacy, and aerial adventures. Each district of the city floats on a different elemental plane, offering unique challenges and opportunities.

  11. The Crystal Palace of Prismatic Dreams: A crystalline palace that constantly shifts in color and form, housing an enigmatic council of dreamweavers. Exploring the ever-changing halls and solving color-based puzzles is the key to uncovering ancient prophecies.

  12. The Infernal Forges of Mordrek’s Anvil: A massive underground complex where skilled forgers, both dwarves and fiends, craft legendary weapons and armor. Navigating the fiery forges and dealing with infernal patrons can lead to powerful, sought-after equipment.

  13. The Haunted Castle: A gothic castle inhabited by vampiric nobility and undead servants, concealing ancient secrets and dark magic.

  14. The Steam-Powered Colosseum of Golemania: An arena where colossal steam-powered golems engage in fierce combat. Adventurers may enter for glory or wager on the battles, but dealing with golem handlers and contraptions adds a layer of intrigue.

  15. The Elemental Academy: An esteemed school dedicated to mastering the elemental forces that is a sprawling complex of towers, each focused on a different element. Here, students and mages study the intricacies of fire, water, earth, and air magic, making it an ideal location for those seeking to expand their elemental prowess.

  16. The Grand Bazaar of Crossroads: A sprawling, bustling marketplace where traders from all corners of the realm converge to sell exotic goods and magical artifacts. However, the market is also a hub for spies, thieves’ guilds, and political intrigue.

Cultural or Civilization Settings

These diverse cultural and civilization settings can serve as compelling backdrop, offering unique themes, challenges, and storytelling opportunities.

  1. The Clockwork Citadel: This mechanical marvel is a city forged from gears, cogs, and brass. Clockwork constructs and sentient automatons populate this industrious metropolis. Its ruling Council of Clockwrights maintains a delicate balance between progress and the risk of overwinding the great gears that support the city.

  2. The Celestial Paradises: Ascend to the celestial paradises, where good-aligned celestial beings reside. In these heavenly realms, you might encounter angelic hosts, divine quests, and glimpses of paradise.

  3. The Forgotten Catacombs: A sprawling underground catacomb system, once the resting place of a long-lost civilization. Within its depths, treasures, and the restless spirits of the dead await those who dare to venture inside.

  4. The Dwarven Kingdom: A vast underground kingdom carved into the heart of the mountains, where stoic dwarves mine precious minerals and craft legendary weapons and armor.

  5. The Nomadic Tribes of the Great Plains: Scattered tribes of horse-riding nomads, who follow the migratory paths of herds and live in portable yurts, known for their archery and survival skills.

  6. The Desert City: A bustling desert metropolis with towering sandstone structures, governed by sultans and inhabited by traders, mystics, and skilled artisans.

  7. The Gnomish Tinkerer Enclaves: Small, hidden communities where gnomes invent whimsical contraptions and machines, often nestled within ancient forests or caves.

  8. The Pirate Haven: An outlaw city located on an isolated coastal island, run by cutthroat pirates, smugglers, and rogues.

  9. The Mystical Monastery: A mountaintop monastery where monks and ascetics study the esoteric arts and meditate to attain enlightenment.

  10. The Orc Stronghold: A militaristic society of orcs, known for their blacksmithing, warchiefs, and loyalty to ancient blood pacts.

  11. The Amazonian Society: A matriarchal society dwelling in lush jungles, where powerful women are skilled in archery and commune with the spirits of the forest.

  12. The Undercity: A subterranean city inhabited by subterranean races like duergar, drow, and deep gnomes, known for their cunning and treacherous politics.

  13. The Cursed Village: A secluded village plagued by supernatural forces and curses, with brave villagers striving to break the curse’s grip.

  14. The Aquatic Kingdom: An advanced underwater civilization of merfolk, tritons, and sea elves, dwelling in coral palaces and wielding water-based magic.

  15. The Flying City: A city suspended in the sky, where magical airships and floating islands form a bustling hub of trade and diplomacy.

  16. The Halfling Shire: A peaceful, pastoral community of halflings, living in cozy burrows, and known for their farming, hospitality, and love of fine cuisine.

  17. The Thieves’ Guild: A hidden network of thieves and rogues who control the underworld of a sprawling city, orchestrating heists and power struggles.

  18. The Sylvan Courts: Ethereal fey courts that reside in enchanted forests, where magic and whimsy shape reality, and the Seelie and Unseelie reign supreme. Gain the trust of those in power, befriends mystical folks, and above all, steer clear of mischief.

  19. The Dragonborn Empire: A powerful empire ruled by dragonborn, where dragonlords wield elemental magic and maintain alliances with dragons.

  20. The Ingenious Kobold Warrens: A labyrinthine network of tunnels where kobolds construct elaborate traps and mechanical wonders, often guarding treasures deep underground.

  21. The Mining Town: Descend into the depths of the mining town of Stonewall, where riches lie beneath the earth. Join the miners in their pursuit of precious ores, confront subterranean dangers, and protect the town’s economic lifeline.

  22. The Tengu Clans: Avian humanoids who live high in the mountains, mastering flight and navigation through complex networks of rope bridges and aeries.

  23. The Farming Community: Embrace the simplicity of life in the farming community of Greenhaven, where fertile fields provide sustenance to the land. Tend to crops, protect against natural threats, and uncover the agricultural secrets that sustain the region.

  24. Take inspirations from various cultures and civilizations in the world: Chinese dynasties, Indian empires, European Renaissance, and African kingdoms, the possibilities are endless to create a rich and diverse tapestry in your world-building endeavors!


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