LGBTQ Story Ideas (2024)

LGBTQ story ideas

Looking for LGBTQ or LGBTQIA+ story ideas that’s non-cringey and actually, really, compelling? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for fascinating story ideas like a character falling in love with different versions of their soulmates across alternate dimensions, an expat finding queer love in a conservative country, and many more!

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LGBTQ Story Ideas

From heartwarming romances that transcend societal norms to riveting tales of self-discovery and acceptance, our curated collection promises to captivate readers with authentic and diverse narratives. Without further ado, here are some gay writing prompts to get your creativity going!

Realistic Story Ideas

  1. Queer Inquisition

    Set in a historical period, a detective of non-normative gender identities takes on a case that forces them to confront common prejudices.

  2. Forbidden Love

    Two governesses employed by a wealthy family in 1800s England meet and fall in love, but they must conceal their forbidden relationship from their employer and society at large. (Originally appeared in my post Tragic Love Story Ideas.)

  3. Obsessed

    A doctor unexpectedly becomes obsessed with one of his patients who reminds them of their long-lost love, and the lines between professional curiosity and personal desire soon begin to blur. (Originally appeared in my post The Most Enticing Forbidden Love Story Ideas (2023))

  4. Never Meet Your Heroes

    An enamored fan gets disillusioned as they get entangled into the private life of their favorite LGBTQIA+ author. As the fan evolves from a starstruck admirer to a stern critic, the experience will forever change both of their lives.

  5. More Than Meets the Eye

    Two people meet through an online dating site, but a miscommunication leads to a mutual misunderstanding about what each expects the other to be.

  6. Family Gathering

    To escape the relentless inquiries about marriage during an upcoming family gathering, a queer young adult embarks on a series of mischievous escapades.

  7. The Expat

    In a conservative foreign land, a queer expatriate navigates the challenges of love amidst societal opposition, and faces possible persecution.

  8. The Matchmaker

    A skilled matchmaker finds herself drawn to a high-profile client, whom she finds repulsing at first.

Fantasy Story Ideas

  1. Transcendent Bond

    Set in different time periods, two individuals of the same gender discover a mysterious artifact that allows them to communicate across time and help each other overcome the challenges of their respective eras.

  2. Rebel Hearts

    An unusual connection forms between a superhero and a villain who face similar challenges and public scrutiny due to their gender identities.

  3. Threads of Identity

    Two individuals, each with a unique gender identity, accidentally swap memories. As they navigate each other’s lives, they begin to appreciate the diverse experiences within the LGBTQ spectrum.

  4. Beyond Binary

    A character find themselves falling in love with versions of the same person across different dimensions even when said person assumes different gender identities in each dimension.

  5. Parallel Romances

    Two individuals discover a portal that leads to parallel worlds, each with its own societal norms regarding gender and sexuality. As they traverse through these worlds, they find love and acceptance in unexpected places, challenging their perceptions of reality.


  1. Unexpected Love

    Cinderella’s coachman, who transports her to the ball, also desires to attend the grand event himself! Once there, an unexpected connection blossoms between him and the prince.

  2. Robin Hood’s Merry Band of Outlaws

    Robin Hood leads a diverse band of outlaws who challenge social norms and fight for justice in Sherwood Forest, where love and camaraderie know no boundaries.

  3. Dancing to Freedom

    A reimagining of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” where the princesses are genderqueer individuals who escape to a magical realm every night, seeking freedom and love beyond the constraints of their kingdom.

  4. Jack and the Lonely Giant

    A fresh take on “Jack and the Beanstalk” where Jack, a non-binary character, climbs the beanstalk to discover not a giant, but a lonely giant’s heart that longs for connection.

  5. True Love’s Kiss

    A spin on Sleeping Beauty, where the princess doesn’t awaken with a kiss from a prince, but by the loving kiss of her devoted maid, revealing the true source of her heart’s desire.


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