120+ Best Fanfic Title Ideas (2024)

fanfic title ideas

Looking for some compelling and eye-catching fanfic title ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

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Fanfic Title Ideas

In all creative works, including fanfiction, titles stand out as a crucial element. They serve as the primary draw for readers, distinguishing stories from one another and offering writers a creative compass for their narrative direction.

They hold the potential to captivate and engage readers, making them eager to delve into the fanfic and discover the unique narrative within. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

One-word Titles

One-word title is concise, visually appealing, memorable, and is versatile enough to be interpreted in different ways. Here are some one-word title ideas that I hope will serve as a wellspring of inspiration!

  1. Ache
  2. Amalgamation – the combination or merging of different elements.
  3. Bare
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Checkmate
  6. Compromise
  7. Convergence

    fanfic title ideas
  8. Dare
  9. Delicate
  10. Echo
  11. Enough
  12. Falling
  13. Forgotten
  14. Intertwined
  15. Karma
  16. Kaleidoscope – often used metaphorically to describe something that is constantly changing, vibrant, and full of diverse elements, it’s perfect for a fic that is colorful and fun.
  17. Limerence – the state of being infatuated or obsessed with someone.
  18. Momentum
  19. Nexus
  20. Oblivion
  21. Pyrrhic – involving a victory achieved at a high cost
  22. Querencia – a place where one feels safe or at home.
  23. Riveting
  24. Solace
  25. Spellbound – perfect for a witch AU.
  26. Untamed
  27. Wanderlust – perfect for an adventurous fic.

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Two-word Titles

Two-word titles offer a balanced aesthetic and more context than their one-word counterparts. Here are some two-word title ideas!

  1. Amber Sky
  2. Bad Bloods
  3. Blank Canvas
  4. Better Days
  5. Between Us
  6. Chasing Rainbows
  7. Conceptual Sin
  8. Crimson Spoon
  9. Dark Horse
  10. Dead End
  11. Final Straw
  12. Firefly Effect
  13. Friendly Foe
  14. Golden Rule
  15. Intertwined Hearts
  16. Marigold Street
  17. Nature’s Call
  18. Nowhere Left
  19. Pity Party
  20. Scarlet Dreams
  21. Someday, Somewhere
  22. Silver Linings
  23. Time Capsule
  24. Until Then
  25. Velvet Mist
  26. Zoom Meeting

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Three-word Titles

The rule of three, a principle suggesting that things that come in threes are inherently more humorous, effective and satisfying, also applies to titles. Here are some three-word title ideas that are pleasing to the eyes!

  1. A Bitter Pill
  2. A Breath Away
  3. A Veil Lifted
  4. All of Nothing
  5. All for Naught
  6. Amidst the Chaos
  7. By the Book
  8. Embers of Resilience
  9. Echoes of Silence
  10. Fragments of Yesterday
  11. Heart of Gold
  12. Hours of Crimson
  13. In the Dark
  14. Live and Learn
  15. My Best Sin
  16. None Left Behind
  17. Not for Naught
  18. Out of Sight
  19. On Cloud Ten
  20. Rivulets of Dreams
  21. Sink or Swim
  22. The Red Herring
  23. The Fifth Dimension
  24. The Seventh Hour
  25. Thick and Thin
  26. Torn Pages Mend
  27. Zero Gravity Love

Punny Titles

Here are some pun-filled title ideas, because… who doesn’t like puns?

  1. All You Knead is Loaf

    fanfic title ideas
  2. A Brewtiful Tale
  3. Bark to the Future
  4. Caffeine Chronicles
  5. Crime and Thyme
  6. Fangtastic – perfect for a werewolf AU.
  7. Mind over Manners
  8. Shell We Dance?
  9. Tears and Tiers
  10. The Pawsitive Side
  11. The Baking Bad
  12. The Write Stuff
  13. Thyme and Again

Long Titles

Sometimes, fanfic authors favor long titles, and some would omit capital letters and include parenthesis to be playful, witty, or dramatic, which add an extra layer of creativity and intrigue. Here are some long title ideas!

  1. a glimmer of light refusing to fade
  2. a flicker of resilience
  3. a lifetime of memories (captured in faded photographs)
  4. a symphony of self-discovery
  5. a trail of shattered illusions
  6. a wreckage of shattered dreams
  7. aching heart (desperate to be set free)
  8. across the seven kingdoms, the shattered empire, and the frozen tundra
  9. against the backdrop of a starlit sky
  10. hearts intertwined (yet destined to unravel)
  11. hearts stitched together
  12. echoes of cherished moments
  13. for what could have been

    fanfic title ideas
  14. fragile whispers of eternity
  15. fragments of a forgotten melody
  16. in the embrace of darkness (a glimmer of hope emerged)
  17. in the quiet of the night
  18. in the unlikeliest of places, against all odds
  19. like sand in an hourglass
  20. love found (and then lost)
  21. of magic and mischief, secrets and spells, and a mysterious prophecy unraveled
  22. on the wings of imagination
  23. stars twinkling above (a blanket of dreams)
  24. the constraints of reality
  25. the corridors of their minds
  26. the tapestry of a shared history
  27. the wreckage of lost love
  28. threads of resilience and forgiveness
  29. through the time vortex, across the galaxies, and into the arms of fate

What is Fanfic?

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the definition of fanfic.

Fanfic or fanfiction is a vibrant and diverse landscape where dedicated fans breathe new life into beloved stories. It offers a unique outlet for fans to explore their favorite fictional worlds and engage with the source material in a personal and imaginative way.

From alternate universes to unexpected romances, fanfiction offers a space for fans to delve into untold or unexplored aspects of a story to express their creativity and explore alternative narratives.

These stories are typically shared within fan communities, where authors can receive feedback and support from fellow enthusiasts. With numerous stories available in each fandom, a unique and memorable title can help a fanfic stand out and capture attention.


I hope the title ideas above have sparked your imagination! If you need more story ideas and prompts, please browse our Story Ideas & Writing Prompts category!

Have any question or feedback? Feel free to contact me here. Until next time!


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