NaNoWriMo PDF Compilation for 2022 NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo PDF 2022

The internet is full of free resources, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. I’ve scoured the sea of information and here’s a NaNoWriMo PDF compilation that, I think, will help me solidify my game plan for 2022 NaNoWriMo. Below is the compilation!

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Table of Content

What is NaNoWriMo?

A month-long writing challenge starting every November 1st, National Novel Writing Month has jumpstarted many writers’ writing careers. No wonder that its participants only grow every year as it is a great exercise to stretch that writing muscles.

A List of Useful NaNoWriMo PDF Compilation

It could be a challenge to write 50,000 words in the course of a month, which translates to 1,667 words per day. But with the right tools, at least we can try to tip the balance in our favor. Fingers crossed. So dive right in!

(This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

1. NaNoWriMo Visual Plotting Guide PDF

Struggling with plotting? Use this free visual plotting guide that comes with a thorough explanation of all the necessary components of a good novel and maps out a step-by-step guide, with spaces to brainstorm and draw your scenes out.

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2. NaNoWriMo One-Page Novel Plot PDF

This One-Page Novel Plot will help you organize your story with just a single page. You can find the direct link here, and here’s a lil’ snippet. It’s readily downloadable and moreover, you don’t have to sign up for anything.

NaNoWriMo PDF snippet: a one-page novel outline

It’s an Excel spreadsheet containing all the outline you need to create an engaging novel with all the story beats listed in one page and all you need to do is fill out the details! The spreadsheet also breaks down each plot into an estimated word count so that you have a 50,000 when you reach the end of the outline.

3. NaNoWriMo Character Profile PDF

This free character profile PDF from Reedsy (download here) will help you figure out the character beats for your character from the basic stuffs to the more complex ones like their family background and their psyche.

This one requires a sign-up that will include you in Reedsy mailing list, but if you like the visuals, go for it. Besides, you can always unsubscribe anytime.

Character Profile PDF from Reedsy


Another fun, and rather quick way to create a character profile is to take a personality test where you answer the questions as your character. A method I like is the MBTI personality test, which you can take here, but any other test will do. This is a snippet that I took from the MBI personality quiz.

So, for example, let’s say I’m taking the test as my vampire character. My answer to this question would be to strongly disagree. Yeah, he’s one lonely, angsty guy ๐Ÿ™ Answer a set of questions like this, and by the end of the quiz, you’ll surely have a better idea of who your character is!

A snippet of the MBTI personality test

4. NaNoWriMo Word Count Tracker PDF

I enjoy tracking things with real pen and paper, as opposed to doing it digitally. If you’re like me, you’ll like this PDF printout to track your progress.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty! You can find the PDF here. It’s readily downloadable in their website and moreover, you don’t have to sign up for anything at all.

Printable NaNoWriMo PDF tracker

5. NaNoWriMo Workbook PDF

This free printable workbook from InkWellSpills is pretty neat. In this multiple pages workbook, you have a comprehensive plot tracker, a world-building worksheet, characters page, planners, project overview, and many more. Download it here.

It has everything you ever need to write a story, the graphics are pretty, and moreover, you can download it without signing up for anything. Below is a snippet of how it looks like:

Printable NaNoWriMo PDF Workbook

6. NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts PDF

To round it up, we have a PDF for a list of writing prompts that you can scribble on from my blog post 11 NaNoWriMo Plot Ideas We Love containing 11 writing prompts in Adventure, Romance and Platonic Relationship genres.

You can access it in a printable format here.

Printable NaNoWriMo PDF Plot Ideas

7. Other Resources

Alternatively, there are some pretty awesome guides out there that you can buy to help or get you started on your NaNoWriMo journey, such as the ones below.


This book gives you a well-organized space to develop memorable characters. No more sticky notes on the wall. This book lets you keep track of all the appealing details of your characters and settings, freeing up your imagination to write wonderful fiction. A sneak peek of the book is available when you click on the image.


Roy Peter Clark, America’s most famous writing teacher, distilled over thirty years of expertise into a collection of fifty short pieces on various areas of writing, making Writing Tools a classic amateurs and professionals alike. A sneak peek of the book is available when you click on the image.


So, that’s a NaNoWriMo PDF compilation to help you succeed and be a NaNoWriMo winner this year!

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