Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts and Story Ideas (2024)

paranormal writing prompts

Are you looking for paranormal romance writing prompts and story ideas? Read on for prompts like a werewolf kidnapping an executive who wants to turn his forest into a mall, or a man who comes in between Hades and Persephone!

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Creating a believable paranormal or supernatural romance requires world-building skills that go beyond just figuring out how two characters can meet and, then, fall in love. After all, we’re talking about a story that features alternative worlds that have their own set of rules!

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Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts Must-Haves

This sub-genre of romance features a hero/heroine’s relationship with someone who has special powers or abilities (witches, vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, aliens, etc.) while focusing on the challenges they face in overcoming the gap between their two worlds.

Stories in this genre are often set in a fantasy world where humans are unaware of the existence of these otherworldly beings. It can also be found within other romance sub-genres, such as paranormal romantic suspense. The key difference is that the others often lack of a happy ending.

The popularity of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight proves that audience loves this genre in which a fantastic, enigmatic otherworldly being falls madly in love with the regular Mary Jane, creating a delightful escape for readers who identifies themselves with the protagonist.

Another reason is that it allows you to create an amazing fantasy world filled with otherworldly beings who are unlike anything readers have ever encountered, giving you the freedom to create characters who are extraordinary in nature. Whether your hero or heroine has the power to move things with their mind, turn into a wolf, or communicate with ghosts, there are few limitations on what you can include in your story.

In addition, this kind of stories often have a larger focus on the relationship between the hero and heroine and the challenges they face in overcoming the gap between their two worlds, creating a dramatic arc that lasts from beginning to end, which is a great way to keep readers engaged.

Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts

Below are some thrilling prompts, from a werewolf kidnapping an executive who wants to turn his forest into a shopping mall, to a man who comes in between Hades and Persephone.

I hope the ideas below are original, but undoubtedly with the popularity of this trope, something similar could have existed out there already. But sometimes the smallest details matter, and make all the difference!

(Please note that all the genders in this prompts are just placeholders and are not meant to enforce any hurtful stereotypes nor to offend anyone.)

Paranormal Romance Prompts: Reunited Lovers

1. The Crystal Ball: When a skeptic lets a traveling circus fortune teller read his palm, he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s his soulmate. When he finally realizes her messages, the circus already vanishes.

2. Three’s a Crowd: When a man realizes that the woman he’s been seeing is actually Persephone, it’s too late. Because Hades is coming for both of them.

3. The Cursed Existence: A grieving woman isolates herself after losing her true love in a freak accident. When she begins to see her lover around the house again, it slowly dawns on her that it was her who died in that accident.

4. The Price of Love: There was an ancient forest deep in the Asian jungle that’s said to be able to grant wishes and reunite lovers, but at a steep cost.

5. Cursed Love Letters: In a mysterious antique bookstore, a person discovers a collection of love letters written by a cursed soul. Their curiosity leads to a reunion between the author’s descendant and his true love’s descendant, and together they break the age-old curse that binds their intertwined destinies.

Paranormal Romance Prompts: Enemies to Lovers

1. The Werewolves’ Lair: A pack of werewolves kidnaps the executive who’s in discussion with the locals about converting the werewolves’ habitat into a shopping mall. What happens when the alpha leader falls in love with the executive?

2. The Alien: A psychiatric ward patient warns a nurse that he’s leaving, to her disbelief, only for her to later witness the ward being destroyed by his kind who has come to pick him up.

3. The Witch’s Curse: A demon kidnaps a nature-worshipping witch in order to have her remove a curse she placed on one of his lackeys. Needless to say, opposite attracts!

4. Merfolk Melody: A mermaid falls in love with a musician from the surface.

5. Psychic Connection: Explore a romance between two enemies who share a psychic link after encountering an ancient artefact together, allowing them to experience each other’s emotions and thoughts.


1. Cosmic Connection: An astronomer accidentally summons a celestial entity while stargazing, and sparks fly. How are they going to navigate the challenges and passion that arise across different realms?

2. The Forest: In the heart of a mysterious forest notorious for Sasquatch kidnappings, a courageous investigator discover that the truth behind the legend is far more captivating and romantically entangled than anyone could have imagined.

3. The Ghost Whisperer: A paranormal investigator encounter a charming ghost with a mysterious past. What follows is a romance that transcends the boundary between the living and the afterlife.

4. Shape-Shifting Love Affair: In order to befriend the human they adore, a shape-shifter assumes the form of a cat.

5. Spectral Matchmaking: Set in a realm where mischievous spirits play matchmakers, follow the romantic misadventures of two souls guided by supernatural forces.

Picture Prompts

Here are some picture-based prompts, because, a picture speaks a thousand words! Below are some image prompts as well as some prompt ideas to accompany each.

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The End is Here

1. When a group of priests separates a witch and her lover, they must endure her curse.

2. This is the fate that befalls a coven of a witch, who was cursed by a young witch after she was cast out for loving an enemy.

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The Maiden

1. A dream shaper who could weave any dream into anyone, but at a steep price.

2. A necromancer who falls in love with one of her resurrected clients.

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