Fantasy Romance Story Ideas (Updated in 2024)

fantasy romance prompts

Looking for enchanting fantasy romance prompts and story ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for prompts like a skeptic whose life is changed after meeting a fortune teller, to a logger who binds himself to a tree nymph on accident!

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The Definition of Fantasy Romance

Fantasy romance is a subgenre of romance sets within a fantasy setting and incorporates features and conventions of the chivalric romance genre with a heavy focus on the romance aspect.

It’s a genre that’s often confused with romantic fantasy, which is a subgenre of fantasy, with a heavy focus on the fantasy aspect. However, some have argued that the line between fantasy romance and romance fantasy has ceased to exist completely.

Neil Gaiman’s Stardust is a classic example in the genre, with Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus and Shelby Mahurin’s Serpent & Dove as examples of the more recent works in the genre.

Fantasy Romance Story Ideas

Without further ado, below are some prompts that will enchant your readers.

Please note that the genders in these prompts are just placeholders and are not meant to enforce any hurtful stereotypes nor offend anyone.


Fantasy romance in a modern setting is fun because it’s playing with the “what if” concept of a fantastical world that’s potentially hidden underneath all the mundane daily activities that we do! Here are some ideas:

1. Two neighbors met over a lost pet notice. When one of them learns that the other is a practicing witch who specializes in love potions, they begin to wonder how much of their chemistry is genuine. (Originally appeared in my post Romance Story Ideas with a Unique Twist.)

2. A man inherits an estate in the countryside that borders with a lake, the habitat of a mermaid cursed with the ability to be alive for a only week every two hundred years. What happens when the man falls in love with her? (Originally appeared in my post Romance Story Ideas with a Unique Twist.)

3. A mermaid gets addicted to watching movies, and each night she surfaces to land and sneaks into movie theatres. What happens when a theatre attendant catches her sneaking? (Originally appeared in my post Alluring Mermaid Story Prompts & Ideas.)

4. When a skeptic lets a traveling circus fortune teller read his palm, he’s oblivious that she’s his soulmate from another lifetime. When he finally realizes her messages, the circus already vanishes. (Originally appeared in Thrilling Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts.)

Medieval or Alternate Universe

Writing in medieval or alternate universe settings is thrilling due to the boundless creative freedom they offer, allowing for the exploration of unique cultures, characters, and epic adventures in worlds where reality is reimagined. Here are some prompts:

1. In an alternate universe where soulmates are connected with an invisible red string, there’s someone who provides a service of soulmate string-cutting for a price. What happens a prospective customer comes to have her string cut, only for the string cutter to find that her string is connected to himself? (Originally appeared in my post Enticing Soulmate Story Ideas.)

2. After helping an injured bird, a girl follows the bird deep into its forest home to find that it’s part of an advanced avian civilization. (Originally appeared in my post 22 Enchanted Forest Story Ideas.)

3. A friendship between a princess and her stable boy where the boy is actually the heir of the enemy clan. To save his life (or alternatively, as a part of a revenge plan), he was smuggled into the royal court, hidden in plain sight. For a fantasy flavor, have the two come from families with opposite magical leanings. (Originally appeared in my post Romance Story Ideas with a Unique Twist.)

Enemies to Lovers

The excitement, sparks and chemistry associated with enemies-to-lovers trope are off the charts because there are a lot of mixed signals, and tucked in between the fight or flight response is the third instinct: fuck. Here are some prompts.

1. A baker/seamstress/mechanic is a witch who uses his/her magic to excel at what they do. What happens when one day, an enigmatic tattoo artist/florist/painter moves next door to their shop, and strangely, they begin to lose all their power? (Originally appeared in my post 22 Spellbinding Witch Story Ideas.)

2. A witch in possession of the last piece of land in an area undergoing rapid gentrification falls in love with the CEO of the property developer company. (Originally appeared in my post 22 Spellbinding Witch Story Ideas.)

3. A pack of werewolves kidnaps the executive who’s in discussion with the locals about converting the forest, which is the werewolves’ habitat, into a shopping mall. What happens when the alpha leader falls in love with the executive? (Originally appeared in Thrilling Paranormal Romance Writing Prompts.)

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Picture Prompts

Here are some picture-based fantasy romance story prompts, because, a picture speaks a thousand words! Below are some image prompts as well as some prompt ideas to accompany each.

(Please click on the image for more information.)

1. Soulmate trope meets Groundhog Day. In an alternate universe, a loner only has one day to find their soulmate before the Elders assign it for them. So, they pray, and the gods let them repeat the same day over and over again until they meet their soulmate. (Originally appeared in my post Enticing Soulmate Story Ideas.)

2. After meeting an enigmatic woman, a man realizes that now he’s able to see a color he’s never seen before in his life. He begins following hints of that color all over town until he finally finds a door painted entirely in that color. What happens next?

(Please click on the image for more information.)

1. In his search for a rare plant, a botanist travels to a secluded region and attempts to blend with the indigenous people known as the custodian of the mystical flora.

2. A logger chops down a tree and hauls it home, oblivious of the tree nymph who calls the tree home. What follows is a series of hijinks as the logger unknowingly does a binding, magical ritual that binds himself to her and makes him responsible of her happiness.


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