Not Your Usual Royalty Prompts (2024)

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Looking for unusual and out-of-the-box royalty story ideas, or royal AU ideas, perhaps? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for fascinating story ideas like an arranged marriage between the Duke’s son and a barbarian princess, or a seeress caught between her allegiance to the ancient kingdom and the emerging usurper, and many more!

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Royalty Prompts

Here are a few royalty-themed story ideas to spark your creativity!


  1. The Barbarian Princess

    In the quest for peace, a proposal for an arranged marriage arises between the Duke’s son and the daughter of a formidable barbarian leader. But, the alliance’s success rests on the consent of the fierce and resolute barbarian princess.

    FROM: Historical Romance Story Ideas 2023

  2. The Queen’s Advisors

    For a significant portion of her reign, the Queen has remained unmarried, and her people are becoming restless. However, the truth is that she shares a secret, deep bond with all her royal advisors, and cannot fathom the idea of marrying a single individual. A reverse harem story.

    FROM: The Best Reverse Harem Story Ideas and Writing Prompts of 2023

  3. The Royal Tutor’s Dilemma

    A tutor is hired to educate a rebellious prince or princess, only to find themselves entangled in a passionate and forbidden affair with their royal charge. The story explores the complexities of power dynamics and hidden desires within the palace walls.

  4. The Revenge

    When a ruthless queen is finally dethroned by her trusted advisor, out of revenge, the latter plans to make the ex-queen his slave in more ways than one. But somehow, romance blooms amidst the political intrigue and hatred.

    FROM: Intriguing Dark Romance Writing Prompts 2023

  5. The Hidden Heir

    The heir of a conquered royalty was smuggled into the court of the conqueror, in order to save his life and as a part of a revenge plan, and inadvertently, ends up befriending the heir of the conqueror. The result is two star-crossed lovers with the blood of the other’s ancestors staining their hands.

    FROM: Romance Story Ideas with a Unique Twist 2023

  6. Reverse 1001 Arabian Nights

    A dark royalty story idea. The heirs of two neighboring kingdoms are betrothed to marry one another for peace. Problem is, all the princess’ past husbands, somehow, turned up dead a day after the wedding ceremony. This time, will history repeat itself for the fourth time?

    FROM: Dark Romance Story Ideas and Writing Prompts (Updated in 2023)

  7. Freedom Dance

    In this retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” a group of genderqueer royalty seeks nightly refuge in a mystical realm, dancing their way into a world of liberation and love beyond the confines of their kingdom.

    FROM: LGBTQ Story Ideas: the Power of Inclusive Narratives (2023)

  8. The Ball

    A young vampire prince/princess and a rebellious human servant cross paths at a lavish masquerade ball. Will their secret identities lead to a masked love beyond their stations?

    FROM: Vampire Romance Story Ideas and Writing Prompts (2023)

  9. The Jarl’s Widow

    A grieving Viking widow takes up the mantle of her supposedly drowned Jarl husband. Refusing to accept his death, she roams the sea in an attempt to rescue him. Will she find him or will she welcome a new love into her life?

  10. The Healer

    A Viking war lord, desperate to heal his ailing comrades, abducts a healer from a nearby village. In an unexpected turn of events, opposites attract between the fierce warrior and the gentle healer. Yet, as their love blossoms, the truth behind the mysterious ailment surfaces.


  1. The Runaway Princess

    To evade an unwanted arranged marriage, a princess escapes with her loyal group of bodyguards, forging a connection not unlike that of Robin Hood and his merry band of thieves.

    FROM: The Best Reverse Harem Story Ideas and Writing Prompts of 2023

  2. A Cinderella Retelling

    The prince turns out to be an evil wizard, and the ball was a trap to lure in innocent women. Once there, Cinderella and the reformed stepsisters work together to escape the clutch of the sadistic prince.

    FROM: Classic Cinderella Story Ideas with the Wildest Twists (2023)

  3. A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

    Sleeping Beauty is not a maiden in distress waiting for the prince’s rescue, but instead, she actively anticipates and prepares for the impending threat of Maleficent.

  4. The Elemental Heir

    In a kingdom where each ruler possesses control over a specific element, a reluctant heir discovers their ability comes at a steep price.

  5. The Royal Detective

    A member of the royal family becomes an undercover detective to solve a series of mysterious crimes threatening the kingdom. As they delve into the criminal underworld, they uncover shocking truths that challenge their loyalty to the crown.

  6. The Seeress

    Caught between her allegiance to the ancient kingdom and the emerging usurper, a Viking seeress of extraordinary abilities finds herself entangled in the clash between age-old traditions and the advent of new beliefs.

  7. Pirates and Princes

    A prince or princess, yearning for adventure, disguises themselves as a pirate and joins a notorious crew. But soon they learn that there’s a reason why their parents, the King and Queen, forbid them to go near the sea…

  8. The Royal Outlaw

    Accused of a crime they did not commit, a royal is forced to flee the kingdom and becomes an outlaw. To clear their name, they assemble a band of fellow outcasts and embark on a quest for justice.

  9. The Dragon Monarch

    To save their kingdom from an impending threat, a prince or princess must forge an alliance with the dragonic kingdom. Only that the dragonic kingdom is on the brink of civil war, and the prince or princess must navigate political intrigue, rival factions, and ancient dragon rivalries to secure the alliance.

  10. The Airship Adventurer

    In a steampunk-inspired kingdom, a prince or princess is displaced from their native land on the Earth’s surface and flees upward to the sky. But soon, they realize that there’s a bigger threat up there that might jeopardize their people’s entire existence…

Picture Prompts

Here are some royalty story ideas inspired by picture prompts!

1. In a realm where familiars wield the true influence behind the scenes, a kingdom in the midst of a power struggle finds itself entangled in a conflict between rival factions of these magical companions.

2. A kingdom faces imminent division because the discovery of a rare and powerful animal, believed to possess the ability to manipulate minds, sparks a race among the ruling factions to harness its influence.

1. A spy assigned to kill a royal ends up falling in love with them. Caught between duty and newfound emotions, the spy grapples with conflicting loyalties, torn between the original mission and the unexpected love that has taken root.

2. A prince falls for the seer of a rebellious barbarian tribe, and it costs him the kingdom.


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